Destress with our 3 Favorite Bath Recipes

During these crazy times, self care has never been more important. Carving out a little time for yourself will make all the difference when it comes to managing your stress levels and keeping yourself looking and feeling your best. One of our favorite self care activities is taking a luxurious bath. Here are some of our favorite bath recipes that are sure to help you relax.

Creamy Rose

Our Creamy Rose bath recipe features the luxurious combination of milk, honey and rose. The milk and honey work to leave your skin soft and supply while Pink Himalayan Salt detoxifies. The rose and chamomile essential oils are the key ingredients for ultimate relaxation. 

creamy rose bath recipe


1 Cup Pink Himalayan Salt

½ Cup Full Fat Powdered Milk

½ Cup Honey

10 Drops Rose Essential Oil

2 Drops Chamomile Essential Oil

1-1 ½  Cups Dried Rose Petals

Start your bath with the Pink Himalayan Salt, milk, and honey. Add these to the warm running bath water and give the bath a stir with your hand. Now that you have your base it’s time to add in the essential oils. Drop in the Rose and Chamomile essential oil and give the bath another stir. Lastly we have the most beautiful finishing touch. Lightly sprinkle the dried rose petals on top of the bath. 

Citrus Calm

Our Citrus Calm bath is a beautiful bath that is packed full of skin care benefits. Step into this luxurious bath and come out feeling refreshed, relaxed and glowing. 

citrus calm bath recipe


1 Cup Epsom Salt

1-2 Grapefruits

1-2 Oranges

1-2 Lemons

3 Tablespoons Citrus Body Wash

1 Cup Champagne (Optional) if you want to add some extra luxury 

Start your bath with the Epsom Salt and Citrus Body Wash. Add these to warm running bath water and give the bath a stir. Next add in the Champagne if you are wanting the extra luxury (or if you happened to have an opened leftover bottle in your fridge). Now it’s time for the finishing touch, the citrus slices! When slicing your citrus, slice the fruit into thick slices so that they will easily float on top. Arrange them on top of your bath and let them float around you. 

Lavender Luxury

Lavender Luxury is the ultimate recipe if you want to turn your bathroom into a spa. The heavenly lavender scent will instantly relax and rejuvenate you. This bath also features Grapeseed Oil that works to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin (Check out this article on the benefits of Grapeseed Oil)

classic lavender bath recipe


1 Cup Pink Himalayan Salt

1 Cup Dried Lavender Flowers

1 Tbsp Grapeseed Oil

10 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

3 Drops Orange Essential Oil

2 Drops Chamomile Essential Oil 

Start your bath with the Pink Himalayan Salt and Grapeseed Oil. Give the bath a stir and then follow with the drops of Lavender, Orange, and Chamomile essential oils. For the finishing touch use a cup of dried lavender flowers to decorate the top of your luxury bath.