4 Reasons To Start Exfoliating Today

One of the most important and often overlooked skin care practices is exfoliation. Exfoliation on both your face and body is crucial to your anti-aging skin treatments. Daily exfoliation will change your skin naturally and give your treatment products an extra jumpstart by allowing them to penetrate deeper in your skin. Here are four reasons you need to start exfoliating today.

1.) Get the bacteria out- Exfoliation is the best way to give your skin a good, deep cleanse. Without daily exfoliation your skin will collect bacteria underneath the surface causing a numbers of skin issues while taking away your glow and aging you. 

2.) Minimize Your Pores- Speaking of bacteria build up, without exfoliation, bacteria and left over makeup can build up in your pores. This build up will leave your pores looking huge and your skin looking aged with many imperfections. Daily exfoliation will clean out your pores giving you a smoother, younger, healthier look.

3.) Remove Dead Skin Cells- Daily exfoliation will also remove dead skin cell build up. The build up of dead skin cells will make your skin look dull, aged and unhealthy. Removing the dead skin cells will help you regain your healthy glow and allow your skin care products and makeup to go on smoother.

4.) Jumpstart your Treatments- By clearing out skin, exfoliation will also help to jumpstart any anti- aging treatments you are using. After exfoliation your products will be able to penetrate deeper in your skin and will help them to be even more effective. If bacteria and dead skin cell build up are in the way, your treatments may not be working as well as they could be. 

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