8 Beauty Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

  • BED TANNING- Though we all love to have luscious glowing skin, tanning in a bed on a regular basis can do some serious damage to your skin. It not only ages your skin at a faster rate but it will also put you at a much higher risk for skin cancer. Stick to a sunless tanning solution such as weekly spray tans or at home sunless tanning lotions.


  • WATER BASED MOISTURIZERS- using a water based moisturizer can actually leave your skin feeling dryer overtime. The best products to use are oil based. Alavati, which is made up of rich oils has been hand selected to keep your skin soft, youthful and wrinkle free.


  • NOT ENOUGH WATER- beautiful skin starts from the inside out. Dehydration not only makes you feel sluggish but it will leave your skin looking dull and aged. Make sure you are drinking your 64 oz per day to keep your skin refreshed.


  • SLEEPING WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON- At one point or another most of us have been guilty of this one. However, if you make it a habit you will find your skin aging at a rapid pace. Sleeping with makeup on will enlarge your pours leaving your skin unrefined and can also put you at risk for eye infections. Make the extra effort to take your makeup off every night and your skin will thank you for it.


  • MISSING OUT ON BEAUTY SLEEP- This one is a no brainer but they call it beauty sleep for a reason. Not enough sleep is a common mistake that speeds up the aging process. Not enough sleep can leave you with deeper wrinkles and bags under your eyes.


  • NOT ENOUGH MOISTURE- Though it can be hard to keep up with, it is crucial that you moisturize twice daily with an oil based moisturizer. Using products only once a day just doesn't do the trick.


  • TOO MUCH GREASY FOOD- Not only is it bad for your body and overall health but greasy food is terrible for your skin. The trick here is to eat healthy foods for your insides and keep the oil in your moisturizer.


  • NOT USING A MAKEUP BASE- Using a makeup base will help your makeup go on smooth and help to cover up fine lines and wrinkles. It will also help your foundation last all day.