10 Tips to Look Better in Photos

1.) LIGHTING- One of the most important things to take note of when taking a picture. The best option is to stand facing the direction the light is coming from. However, be mindful that too much light and direct sunlight can cast dark shadows leaving you looking older than you are. You want just enough light angled toward you to highlight your fabulous features.

2.) BLUSH and BRONZER- Highlight and contour your face with a touch of color. Contour your cheek bones with bronzer and add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Then and highlight your forehead and chin with a light bronzer. This will help the camera pick up your best areas and can make your face look slimmer.

3.) MOITURIZE- Dry elbows and knees stand out in pictures and make your skin look older. Make sure you moisturize any skin that shows in the picture to give your skin a pretty glow. For the best glow try using Alavati Body Repair Cream.

4.) LINE and HIGHLIGHT LIPS- To make your lips really pop in photos it is important to line and highlight them. Line the outside and highlight towards the middle. This will make your lips appear plump and luscious.

5.) SMOKEY EYES- Smokey eyes are great for photos! Smokey eyes will give your eyes a little more pop under the light. They will give you an intense, sexy look that will draw the attention of your viewer.

6.) BLOT- Right before you take the photo do a quick T-Zone blot to get rid of any excess oil and shine. 

7.) CAMERA HEIGHT- If possible ask the photographer to take the photo from a slightly lower angle. This will make you look taller and slimmer.

8.) S CURVE- Look through fashion magazines and often times you will see models posing in the famous S Curve Position. This position tends to be flattering on everyone and helps you to look slimmer. To do an S Curve, stand with you right knee popped, your hips shifted slightly to the right and your shoulders shifted slightly to the left.  

9.) FIND YOUR GOOD SIDE- It’s true we all have one side that is more flattering than the other in photos. To find your good side, have a friend help you experiment by taking photos of your different profiles at different angles. Look over the pictures and you will find which angle tends to look the best on you.

10.) DON’T FREEZE- Last but not least don’t freeze! Relax and have fun with the photo. If you are having fun it will come across and the photo will be more flattering. If you are nervous you will tense up and look uncomfortable in the picture.